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This website uses cookies to enable certain functions and to improve your user experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. More Information. There is no easier way to digitise home video to playback on your computer, to sync with an iPad or iPhone, to edit in iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker, or to upload to YouTube.

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The era of VHS tapes is winding down, and after three decades there is a lot of video content to transfer for modern playback devices. Elgato Video Capture provides an easy way to bring those precious memories into iTunes or your Windows Media Player library. We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.

Datapath is happy to help with any questions regarding our products and their application.

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What is SQX Technology? Contact Sales. Software The VisionRGB-E1S video capture card is supplied with a powerful software application for configuring the timing and format of the input sources and displaying the data. Contact Sales Datapath has a large network of distributors and resellers across the World. Find out more. Datasheets Download the datasheets for your Datapath products - current and past.

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Downloads Download the latest software for your Datapath products. User Guides Download the manual for your Datapath products - current and past. A capture device is even more important for Switch owners - the console can only record a few seconds of gameplay by itself, and can't stream at all, so a card is absolutely essential for anyone looking to stream or record lengthy Switch gameplay. Check out our full guide to streaming from a Switch to find out more. There are a few on the market though, and for the uninitiated capture cards can be very confusing indeed.

Luckily for you, we're here to help - here's our pick of the best capture cards around right now, with buying advice that explains exactly who each card is for.

First, let's briefly run down exactly how a capture card works. Most of them are external devices which need to be connected to another PC or Mac in order to capture or stream footage, while taking footage from the gameplay machine via HDMI. So, for example, if you want to stream from a PS4 you'd run an HDMI console from the console to the capture device, with another going from the card back out to your TV, so you can still see what you're playing. If you want to do everything from one PC you either need to buy an internal capture card which we also cover here or just skip the capture card entirely and do without, at a hit to your performance.

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Most people looking at capture cards are probably hoping to stream footage live to services like Twitch. Slim and compact, this is a very portable device, ideal for streaming on the go. It's simple looking too: sleek black, with a single slim light bar to show when it's active. The HD60 S comes with the Elgato Game Capture software, which is by a long way the most simple and user-friendly capture software around, though lacking some of the in-depth features of rivals.

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  7. It blows Razer Cortex out of the water though. Still, it's ideal for anyone new to this tech, which makes the HD60 S our recommendation for any streaming newbies, and will be more than enough for most users.

    The Razer Ripsaw HD is a streamlined version of the previous Ripsaw that strips a few features out in favour of a simpler approach.