Backup mac to external hard drive with disk utility

I will keep all that on the external HDD, and not on the Mac drive. Thank you. I got a seagate central that says it supports Time Machine and right now before partitioning I can use both a mac and PC to save and get files. Can I just not reformat it when I create the 2 partitions 1 for time machine back up and the other 1 for storage? Thanks for the article.

I recently got an external HD for my Mac and I was wondering for a bit about this…is it necessary that we split it into two partitions? Can we just create another folder in the 1 Partition HD…? I only ask this as I already did it, but wondered if it by chance hinders anything.

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You can always create another partition and copy that folder over to it, just takes a few seconds. I want to transfer music files from my mac to a pc or vice versa.

How to Transfer Mac Files to External Hard Drive

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